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What would happen to your training business if you approached your job like an elite athlete trains for their sport?

Fitness Center Portland OregonAfter working with hundreds of fitness professionals, I have a sincere belief that if you WORK like an Athlete, it will allow you to follow your passion AND reap the rewards of a successful training career. And in the end, it’s an awesome way to make a living!

Many trainers fail because they only work IN their business instead of ON their business.  No matter where you work (large multipurpose clubs, training gyms, parks, etc.), the best trainers and coaches maximize their income potential by having the discipline to do both.

With that said, here are 3 simple and effective “plays” to add to your Personal Training Business Game Plan:

1. Be Organized. Even if you are a team member of a club or gym, you are operating your own individual business.  The perception of you and your business is paramount. Organization is critical for consistency which is one of the keys to successful business branding AND making money! That means you must plan ahead, execute your marketing (social media posts, etc.), accurately schedule clients, and stay on top of your client records and programs. Let’s face it, you’re never really “off the clock” when you are running your own business.

2. Be Intentional. Whether you know it or not, people are always watching, so you must be present and aware at ALL times. How you interact with clients and other club members is part of your marketing and business exposure. EVERY day is game day. Make it your focus to be the source of positive energy to motivate and inspire. Does this apply for that 5am client? Absolutely!  Get up early, shower, comb your hair, show up clean shaven with a pressed uniform and bring the fire!  Oh, and please with sugar on top, spit out the gum and get rid of the coffee. Aim to LOOK like a Pro.

3. Be Social. Like it or not, the most popular, motivational and likable person always wins in the fitness business.  It is our job to enhance lives, but our focus must be on culture, relationships, connecting other like-minded people together (especially for small group training) and building a sense of community.  Being a genuine provider of fitness coaching and education is vital and the more social the trainer, the more business referrals result.

There are a lot more plays to add to a successful training business game plan, but evaluate yourself on the above first.  Like an athlete’s training program, it’s progression and small victories that lead to becoming a world class trainer/coach.  Stay tuned for more real life experienced training business tips and WORK like an Athlete!



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