Championship Personal Training Part II… Fitness Business Planning

ID-10083406This blog is dedicated to fitness trainers and coaches, and those who want to perform their best in business and work.

By now, you know my philosophy: The business of fitness training should be viewed as a sport. You must WORK like an athlete to maximize profitability and find genuine satisfaction.

In the end, your purpose is help others build strength, lose fat, and most importantly, feel better about themselves. Now with that said, let’s talk about how your business can do the same!

It begins with the realization that you can build a lucrative career IF you remember that “you own it,” even if you work for somebody else.

Success is totally up to you. Like an athlete, you must have focus and discipline to manage the details. You have to stay on top of the high expectations that hopefully you, your team members and clients have of your services.


— How much am I willing to work?  Seriously, are you a “grinder” or not?
— What stops me from putting in the time?
— How many clients can I bring maniacal focus to each day, week, or month?
— What income do I need to support my lifestyle? What income do I want?
— Do I prefer one-on-one, small group and/or large group training programs?
— Should I offer discounted packages, monthly EFT, or annual commitments?

The fitness pros of today know that training no longer has to be a part-time profession. But like an athlete, you must have a game plan to be successful at it. And if you have plenty of training knowledge, but limited business skills, you must improve upon them immediately.

Building a detailed business plan is a workshop in itself, so I’m going to keep this easy and break it down to just a few steps for those who have the necessary fitness credentials, and are ready to rock:

— Define business goals, develop strategies and set deadlines to achieve them.
— Keep your eye on the scoreboard. Track your KPI’s: Key Performance Indicators.
— Gauge how you’re actually performing vs. your goals.
— Communicate results with your team or managers.
— Share enthusiasm as a member or leader of the team.
— Learn about branding and get clear what you want to be known for.
— Find a professional marketer to help you devise a plan of outreach.
— Inquire about sales systems that other successful trainers have in place.
— Define who your perfect clients are and learn how to actively market to that kind of person.

Next up… Branding, Marketing and Selling for the Fitness PRO.

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