CRUSHING the CURVEBALL — Controlling and Embracing Change


The best baseball hitters will tell you that hitting fastballs are easy IF you know when they’re coming. However, a pitcher with a great fastball AND curveball makes it anything but. A curveball looks like a fastball at first, but then it bends, breaks and slows down in multiple dimensions. When you don’t know the curve is coming, your knees buckle, you fear the ball is going to hit you and in the end, the pitcher ends up making you look like a fool after it’s called a strike.

As a hitter, it’s frustrating, embarrassing and and even demoralizing. However, the great ones get better at hitting the curveball by learning, studying, preparing and training for it. In the end, the hitter knows how to react when the situation arises.

This morning I was reading 2 excerpts from two impactful mentors of mine. One of them covered the topic of dealing with change and the other wrote about preparation and planning. We all know that life, business, and relationships are full of “curveballs”, but how we deal with them is what matters most. Are we going to be the hitter in the batter’s box, knees buckled and risk hearing the umpire yell “STRIKE THREE!”? Or are we going to WORK like Athletes in all aspects of our lives and businesses, be pro-proactive, plan ahead and ATTACK the challenge(s) in front of us? I’ll take the latter of the two.

So here we go, it’s still not too late to take control of your day and the rest of your week. Get out of bed early tomorrow, read something inspirational, something educational, create your plan for the day, for the week, and get your mind and body right with exercise. Celebrate your victories and anticipate curveballs. Knowing that change is inevitable and taking control of your reactions to them will determine your success.

Now, imagine this. The count is 1 ball and 2 strikes. The pitcher just threw you two fastballs away. Here it comes… the breaking ball. You’ve seen it before and now you’re ready. Wait, wait… BOOM! Game Over.

WORK like an Athlete.

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