Discipline for Fitness Business Success

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” –Jim Rohn

jarodAs a long-time fitness industry veteran, I can relate to the daily grind of attempting to satisfy every member,  consistently motivating the team and ultimately, maximizing financial performance. It takes undeniable passion for fitness, genuine care for others, and amazing competitiveness to be number one in any fitness business market.

With that being said, it all comes down to this single fundamental for success… DISCIPLINE.

Hundreds to thousands of members and guests enter our clubs every day. It’s our challenge to give each one of  them unsurpassed value by providing surgically clean facilities and superior equipment, creative and experience enhancing programs and elite service. Exceeding these expectations certainly isn’t easy and only a focused, dedicated and disciplined staff culture can keep members raving about our business.

As club owners and leaders, it starts with us. We must have the self-discipline and motivation to practice what we preach. Leading by example has become cliché, but if we don’t personally do the things we ask of our teams, then breakdowns will occur, as well as, lost membership opportunities.

As a club leader, I encourage you to have the discipline to follow these five steps:

1. Walk through your club a minimum of 3 times per day. Talk to members, learn names, clean, organize, high-five staff and smile. Do it with a purpose and direct your entire team to perform walkthroughs as well.  It’s the great coaches that dominate the details!

2. Huddle up with your team daily (5-10 minutes). Begin the day with an inspirational message. Review your Key Performance Indicators (membership sales, losses, profit center performance). Discuss upcoming programs and events. Celebrate progress and victories. Motivate and recognize top performers. Fire up the team!

3. Conduct an objective service evaluation daily. Measure your performance expectations. Stay ahead of your members and clients. Be pro-active. Recognize what you are doing really well and determine areas of focus. Is the club really clean? Are staff members smiling and using names 99.9% of the time? Communicate the results daily. Keep service top of mind because EVERY day is game day.

4. Know your numbers. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are your scoreboard. They are critical to managing and leading the operation. Communicate performance consistently (each day) and get everyone involved. The team needs to know where they stand at ALL times.

5. WORK like an Athlete. The fitness business IS your sport! If you want to win this game and be the number one fitness business in your market now and into the future, it starts with YOU. Use your club. Participate and get on the field. The ones that manage from the sidelines are the easiest clubs to beat.

It’s more competitive and sophisticated in the fitness industry than it has ever been. State of the art facilities, equipment, solid programs and amenities definitely give us an edge over others. We’re also learning that managerial systems and standard operating procedures are critical to any operation. However, if you want to be a true champion in today’s fitness business, the first thing you really need is discipline.

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One thought on “Discipline for Fitness Business Success”

  1. #3 resonates w/ me a lot. We’ve started to “Measure our Wins” as of lately and it’s be a huge eye opener for us. It gave us an agreed-upon standard of excellence. Whereas before – since we didn’t define what a Win looks like – others were defining it themselves… basically guessing what excellence looked like because I failed as a leader to define it for them.

    At times, we only focused on measuring where we go wrong – forgetting that our “wins” are what keep people coming back. We simply took the time to “Define our Wins” so we could in turn “Measure our Wins”.

    As you said….”Be proactive. Recognize what you are doing really well…” Sometimes we over look that aspect.

    Great piece. Thanks for the share.

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